Our Story


Loveleen believes that silhouettes are like the building blocks to making versatile graphics. The Silhouette Queen creates unique silhouette graphics for busy designers so they can spend more time on creating than searching.

The People

Loveleen’s passion for illustration goes all the way back to the age of three, when she would draw portraits of her enormous extended family. After earning a degree in software engineering, she has worked every job from writing books to making websites, from teaching in a degree college to selling art.

Loveleen is inspired by nature, minimalist design and really just about everything on Pinterest such as interior design,  art, fashion.

Loveleen spends her days chasing after two little kids Maya and Dev –┬ánabbing a moment to research and jot ideas down, and at night sitting at her computer or desk working on a new project. While not designing or taking care of her family, she can be found reading a book, brainstorming ideas, watching a movie or in the kitchen making a mess. She lives in Long island with her husband and two kids.